If we don’t have it,
 we’ll get it !
In our shop you will find a wide selection of products for your pet’s needs. We have everything ranging from transport cages to toys and dog candy. We have access to most food brands, but over the years we have stuck mostly with Hills Science Plan, Specific and Nutro Choice. If your pet eats another brand of food we can order this and have it ready for you in just a few days. Our entire staff is trained and educated in nutrition and will happily help you with information on choice of food.

Feel welcome to come and ask for advice before you get a puppy or a kitten. By making a set nutritional plan for your animal starting from a young age you can help your pet sustain a healthier and longer life. If an animal receives the wrong kind of food, it will easily gain weight or may even become totally uninterested in food. We will be happy to help calculating how much energy/food your animal needs and in the waiting room there is a very precise digital scale that clients can use freely.


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