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The Staff Dr. Susanne Kamu
Experience and Capability

In the clinic we have both the experience and the capability required to give dogs, cats and even smaller pets the best possible care. Care and consideration for each animal in each situation is our main goal. We offer our clients a personal first-class service according to Swedish standards. We constantly work on developing our methods for medical inquiry, operations and rehabilitation.

The fact that we achieve our goals can be seen in our wide range of clients. We have clients from anywhere within the radius of Seville, La Linea, Granada and Torrevieja. Our ambition is, as a Scandinavian veterinary clinic, to try and breakthrough the Spanish market, despite our experience and capability.

We are also prepared to give our clients any support they may need as a foreign pet owner in Spain. Although our work in the clinic is about qualified pet care, we also have a large commitment to help with medical problems and most importantly healthcare.
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