The operation room always works in accordance with modern principles. The anesthetic is introduced with Propofol and kept in effect by Isofluran and compressed oxygen. During the operation the animal is constantly supervised by a Pulsoximeter that measures the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream and the frequency of heartbeats. If necessary an EKG machine will also be used. This measures the edges of the heart.

Even in small procedures the animal always has a vein plug which allows direct contact with the circulatory system in case of emergency. A blood sample is always taken to judge the patients condition and eventually judge the risk factor. In some cases an operation has to be postponed if the animal has a disease that can make the operation dangerous.

The reviving of the patients take place in a separate cage under constant supervision. We are very careful with giving our patients an effective anesthetic which may be a mixture between different medicine depending on the animals condition.

If there is a case in which we do not specialize, we collaborate with other veterinary clinics who specialize in eye-, heart- and complicated orthopedic procedures.
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